Why JoHo Insurances?

JoHo Insurances is part of JoHo and focusses mainly on international insurances. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about different types of insurances and use this experience to advice people about insurances.

We are part of BONAPA which is the Dutch Au pair organisation, representing a lot of au pair agencies.

We offer all our clients assistance, also after they have arranged the insurance via us.

Is a Dutch Basic Health Insurance compulsory?

Is a Dutch Health Insurance (basisverzekering) compulsory? That question needs to be answered with "yes". However, there is more to say to this than just "yes". The relevant authorities do not seem to agree on this.

What is the basis for the obligation?

The au pair is required to have a Dutch Basic Health Insurance (basisverzekering) because the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) considers the au pair to be an employee. The reason for this is, according to the SVB, that the three aspects of a employment relation are present. These are:

  • there is a relationship of authority between au pair and family
  • there are agreements regarding a renumeration for the activities
  • to execute these activities, the au pair follows directions from the host family

This seems to be contradictory when we look at the point of view of the IND. According to the IND, an au pair is not to be seen as an employee, because the au pair is in The Netherlands as part of a cultural exchange. Despite this conflicting judgement of "what the au pair is", both authorities remain their point of view. The SVB has not (yet) decided that the obligation for the Basic Health Insurance will cease to exist.

What is and what is not insured with a Basic Health Insurance?

So the au pair should have a Dutch Basic Health Insurance. We recommend to combine this with an au pair insurance, because the Basic Health Insurance does not give reimbursement for:

  • medical expenses* from the moment the au pair travels to the Netherlands, the first period in The Netherlands and when she returns to her home country
  • medical expenses* during holidays
  • calamities, such as medical repatriation of the au pair to her home country, death of the au pair or unforeseen travel expenses when family of the au pair is seriously ill or passed away.
  • personal liability of the au pair
  • the au pair's luggage
  • personal accidents

The Basic Health Insurance does insure things which are usually not insured with an au pair insurance. For example:

  • costs related to alcohol (ab)use
  • costs that have to do with an illness or disease the au pair had when she came to The Netherlands. For example insulin for diabetes
  • check-ups concerning pregnancy
  • treatments of psychological complaints by a psychologist or psychiatrist

Apart from the obligation to have a Basic Health Insurance, the au pair can benefit from the insurance.

Which Basic Health Insurance (basisverzekering) shoud the au pair have?

To be honest, every Basic Health Insurance meets the requirements. We recommend this Basic Health Insurance because of the relatively low premium and wide range of health care providers.

Who will pay for the Basic Health Insurance?

As far as we know, there is no law that determines who (au pair or family) should pay the premium. The best is that nobody has to pay for the insurance, when the au pair receives a rebate or "care allowance". In The Netherlands, someone is entitled to receive the rebate from the Belastingdienst (Tax Department) when someone has few assets and a low income. Unless the au pair lives with a single parent household, every au pair usually gets the rebate. Are you a single parent, please contact us.

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