Duty of Care for your au pair

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In order to protect the vulnerable position of an au pair in The Netherlands, the host family, as well as the Au pair agency have a duty of care towards the au pair. This means the au pair should know beforehand what to expect (and what to be expected), that the guidelines of the Au pair program are being followed and that the host family as well as the Agency are concerned with her safety and well-being.

To prevent the au pair from being at financial risk, it is advised to take out a specific Au pair insurance. This way you prevent your au pair from being dependent in case she can’t afford to have medical treatment or in case she needs to return home due to calamities for instance.

Besides preventing the financial risks, the host family and Au pair agency make arrangements about their daily schedule, the spare time of the au pair and on how to create the best cultural exchange possible for the au pair. Your Au pair agency can further inform you about this. Are you looking for an Au pair agency to help you find an au pair, please take a look at our partners

Mediation by an official referent

Becoming an au pair in the Netherlands requires following the correct procedures and collecting the necessary paperwork. The IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) checks and decides on the applications for a visa or residence permit, also for au pairs. The IND only takes care of the

Compulsory Insurances

Of course every au pair aims to have a pleasant and carefree stay in The Netherlands. However, from the moment your au pair leaves her home country until the moment she returns home, many things could happen. In order to prevent that your au pair has to deal with the financial consequences of an