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With the switch from 'All in' to 'Addtional' there is cover for:

  • the deductible of the basic health insurance
  • emergency medical care outside the Netherlands that is not reimbursed by the basic health insurance

Please note that the ISIS Au pair policy with Additional no longer offers reimbursement for emergency dental costs.

From that moment on you will save 25% on the ISIS Au pair premium. For the reimbursement of the premium, we use the account number from which the premium was received.

You want to terminate your ISIS Au pair insurance earlier. This is because the au pair has left or is no longer your responsibility for some other reason. In the context of the duty of care, we must handle this carefully.

If you want the insurance to stop from a future date (the au pair has not left yet), we will only process your request after that specified date.

We will ask the au pair agency to confirm that the au pair has left the Netherlands so that the insurance can be terminated in accordance with the conditions.

Conditions for premium refund (Article 3.5 of the conditions) are:

  • The original insurance must have been taken out for at least 1 month, no premium refund will be given for the first month.
  • The insured must have returned to their own country or moved to another family more than 1 month earlier than planned.

Refunds are only made per full month. The amount will be transferred to the account number as indicated in the application for the insurance.

The start date of the insurance must be the same as the date on which the au pair leaves the country of residence. JoHo also adjusts the end date so that the insured duration (number of months) remains the same as the original application.

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