Why JoHo Insurances?

JoHo Insurances is part of JoHo and focusses mainly on international insurances. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about different types of insurances and use this experience to advice people about insurances.

We are part of BONAPA which is the Dutch Au pair organisation, representing a lot of au pair agencies.

We offer all our clients assistance, also after they have arranged the insurance via us.

Apply Additional cover

How to change the All-in medical cover to Additional

You always issue the insurance with All-in cover. For as long as the Basic Health Insurance (basisverzekering) is not yet arranged, the All-in cover stays valid. With that cover all emergency medical expenses are insured by ISIS Au pair.

Once the Basic Health Insurance (basisverzekering) is issued, you can alter the medical cover from All-in to Additional.

The Additional cover insures:

  • the deductible of the Basic Health Insurance (so choose a high deductible)
  • emergency medical treatments outside The Netherlands when the Basic Health Insurance does not pay these costs.

You get a 25% discount on the ISIS Au pair premium. Please mind that the Additional plan does not give a refund for dental expenses.

When does Additional cover and reduced premium start?

The discount or reduced premium, will start from the next insurance month.

Here an example to clarify:

Your au pair leaves on 03-09 to The Netherlands. You let the ISIS Au pair insurance start on 03-09 with All-in cover. The insurance month runs from 03-09 till and including 02-10, from 03-10 till inclusive 02-11. Etc. On 07-10 you receive the policy certificate of the Dutch Health Insurance (basisverzekering). You use the form at the bottom of this page and upload the basic health insurance policy certificate and the request for an Additional cover. This will start from the next insurance month, this is 02-11. From that day on you have a new policy with Additional cover. The coverage of the insurance can not be changed retroactivly. Therefore the discount can also not be given retroactivly.


Use the following form to arrange Additional cover

This form is meant for people who currently have an ISIS Au pair insurance with All-in cover which they wish to amend to Additional. To request this change, you need to have the policy certificate of a Basic Health Insurance (basisverzekering) for your au pair.

The Additional cover and the discount can not become effective retroactively.


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