Why JoHo Insurances?

JoHo Insurances is part of JoHo and focusses mainly on international insurances. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about different types of insurances and use this experience to advice people about insurances.

We are part of BONAPA which is the Dutch Au pair organisation, representing a lot of au pair agencies.

We offer all our clients assistance, also after they have arranged the insurance via us.

Au pair insurance

Special au pair insurances

We are a broker for different insurance companies and offer special insurances for au pairs coming to The Netherlands. We recommend a special au pair insurance because it provides you: 

  • An insurance during the au pair’s journey from country of residence to The Netherlands and the same journey the other way around, 
  • A solution for the deductible of the Dutch health insurance (basisverzekering) that you possibly would be dealing with 
  • An insurance for calamities that can cause enormous expenses such as repatriation when the au pair is seriously ill or in case of family emergencies that require the au pair to return home
  • Fulfilling your duty to consider the interests of the au pair (zorgplicht)

The au pair insurances we offer

  Flexibility Coverage Costs
Allianz Global Assistance *** *** ***
ISIS (part of de Goudse) ***** **** *****
OOM Verzekeringen ** ***** *****


With flexibilty we mean that the insurance period can be extended without extra restrictions. Allianz has a policy that says a policy can be prolongued but you have to consider exclusions of excisting situations. For example, you issue the insurance for 3 months. In those 3 months the au pair has an accident which makes her need treatment after 3 months. Allianz will not refund the costs, made after the extension of the policy, since the accident has happened before the extension. OOM Verzekeringen barely allows an extension of the insurance period.

ISIS does not apply new exclusions after prolonging the policy. However, it is important to request the extension of the policy on time. Once the end date has passed, it could become difficult to arrange a new policy, especially when something has happened in the uninsured period.


Do you have any influence on the coverage? In other words; can you choose between different plans or modules. Both OOM and ISIS have a good score on this subject since they both offer serveral options for you to choose from. ISIS and OOM also give you the option to get a discount after arranging the Dutch basic health insurance (basisverzekering). Allianz Global Assistance only has one level of cover, nothing optional. OOM has most different options, for example a household content insurance and legal assistance. Those two are not offered by ISIS, but we don't think this is a shortcoming for the au pair. Usually the au pair does not take valuable house hold content with her.


The costs of the insurances are quite difficult to compare because this very much depends on the coverage you choose.

If we look at Allianz Global Assistance and ISIS, then Allianz is only more affordable in comparision to ISIS Super. The ISIS Standard and all ISIS insurances with discount (after arranging the basic health insurance) are more affordable then the insurance of Allianz Global Assistance.

OOM and ISIS are a bit more difficult to compare because of the many possibilites OOM has. If you just take the health insurance of the Study in The Netherlands plan, then OOM offers the most inexpensive insurance. With this you do not have insurance for other costs like travel expenses, luggage and personal accidents. When you add a so called Package insurance, the premium increases significantly and often becomes more expensive then the ISIS insurance.

You can issue all the insurances through us and still be able to use our services.

We specifically advise you the ISIS Au pair insurance for several reasons: 

  • It has a flexible duration; you can easily extend the insured period without risking an exclusion of things that happened in the first period of the insurance
  • Renumeration of medical expenses that the Dutch health insurance company won't pay for since they are part of the deductible 
  • You have 2 coverage options and can partially decide what is insured  
  • Our experiences with the insurance company 

Do you want to know what the premium will be and what the benefits are? Read more about the ISIS Au pair insurance
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