Why JoHo Insurances?

JoHo Insurances is part of JoHo and focusses mainly on international insurances. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about different types of insurances and use this experience to advice people about insurances.

We are part of BONAPA which is the Dutch Au pair organisation, representing a lot of au pair agencies.

We offer all our clients assistance, also after they have arranged the insurance via us.

Au Pair in the Netherlands

Whether you are already in The Netherlands as au pair, or you are planning to travel to The Netherlands, in both cases you might have a lot of questions. You might wonder how to find a host family or maybe you are sick and you want to visit a doctor but you don't know how this works in The Netherlands. Apart from this, you get to deal with certain laws and authorities because rules apply for au pairs in The Netherlands. Obviously you want to prevent things from going wrong, so you can have a wonderful time in The Netherlands.


  • what do I need to arrange before I can come to The Netherlands?
  • how do I reach a host family that is suitable for me?
  • how can I avoid high expenses and invoices when I am sick?
  • can I return home when my grandmother dies or my father gets seriously ill?
  • how do I prevent problems with Dutch authorities?
  • I am already in The Netherlands but I don't have an insurance yet. What can I arrange and how?
  • how long can I stay in The Netherlands?
  • what terms do I need to meet, to be an au pair in The Netherlands?

As an expert regarding international insurances, and being part of BONAPA, Joho Insurances is really at home in the world of au pairs. In The Netherlands but also abroad. We can help you choose a good insurance, help you arrange it and of course we want to inform you about how to use the benefits of the insurance. 


  • Do you wish to apply for the Dutch basic health insurance now? Go to application form
  • Do you want to contact a host family or au pair agency? Please contact us.
  • Would you like us to inform your host family about special au pair insurances, please complete the contact form


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